The Marcel & Harper woman loves quality and luxury, a woman who embodies a classic style with a point of difference and most importantly, enjoying her life well presented, she is ageless and confident.


Our pieces are carefully designed and curated for women to enjoy no matter what lifestyle she chooses to have.


Our Knitwear is spun from natural fibre that is both soft and luxurious, making these knits a staple in anyone’s wardrobe and will stay with you for years to come. 


By sourcing our Cashmere from Mongolia and our Merino from New Zealand we can guarantee the highest quality. Our knitwear is spun from natural fibre and integral to every garment is a little bit of “good karma” woven in, as we believe in giving back to those who made it.


You can’t help but feel the quality in each piece. Marcel & Harper value quality design and production and by partnering with a team who have been producing luxurious Cashmere and Merino for over 20 years ensure every piece is made to last. Our Collection is ready to wear, featuring wardrobe classics and favourites making women feel great each time you choose to wear it.